2 February 2009

Belly Blessing evening

So here we are, my equivalent of a baby shower, but without the emphasis on stuff, and a lot messier than the average pregnancy party too...
Hi children!

First, while the children were playing dominoes and eating marshmallows under supervision of Martin, HENNA! None of us had had much practice at this, but it was really a lot of fun (and certainly *one* way to break the ice)...
And Lorraine!

Doing my belly-henna...

We made felt beads (just one or two each, because they took a lot of rolling). And after everyone had gone, I turned them into this! Thankyou so much for the extra trouble a few folk went to to wrap up the wooden hoop, you can see how gorgeous it looks all hung with decorations.

Feast! Tabouleh, pitta, humous, tatziki, salad, bean salad, falafel (or wherever the letters go in that one), feta and olives. Followed by cake and brownies. :)

And silk painting, with Emma's new batik tool and a pan of hot wax (Morgan nearly gave everyone a heart attack when she came into the room and ran right at it - eek). Recommended group craft! - but keep toddlers shut away somewhere until the wax is cold. :S

At least the older tots had the sense to keep back!

Isn't the finished baby blanket fabulous? Perfect in fact, and so much more special for being a collaboration.

My finished and dried Henna staining. Sunflower, pomeganates, vines, lotus flowers and daisies. And a little heart by Kim - and lots of dots (by everyone, because we liked the effect).


  1. I'm bored waiting for your photos to appear! :p I'll be checking back later... lol xxx

  2. How beautiful! I wanted to henna my belly, and then I forgot and it was really annoying when I found the henna later :(

    Don't you have wonderful friends :)

  3. Everything looks so beautiful - what wonderful friends you have.

    I was going to henna my belly while I was pregnant but forgot, in the end. :(

  4. Wow, that looks like fun! I've still got your bead sitting in my sewing bag :D Henna looks so pretty

  5. Gorgeous photos Sarah, it looks as though youhad a beautiful blessingway :)

  6. Looks like you had a fab time and that mobile is gorgeous!

  7. Awwwwwwwwwwww what a beautiful set of photos. Isn't Henna fabulous!

    Have you any particularly colours you'd like to be used for the baby? I will make you something, don't know what yet; but its a good bet it will be crocheted LOL


  8. Joxy; everything we have dyed, or specifically asked for this time is burgundy, red, orange, turquoise, bright green, dark green, deep purple, brown. Some deep pink that Martin will pull faces about if we have a boy lol. :)

    It was a fabulous evening! Everyone who sees the pictures is jealous of the henna lol, my mum was very upset we didn't save her any.

  9. You look as if you had a lovely time. And the henna looks wonderful, as well as the mobile and blanket.


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