8 February 2009

Things not to say to a pregnant woman

This can't possibly be the first time I've posted this; but what on earth is it with people who have to comment on the size of the bump?

I've been told TWICE today that my bump is really tiny. *sigh* I shouldn't, I know, but I feel really protective and defensive when people say things like that, as though they're insulting my beautiful baby, or my figure, or both of us! It's like walking up to a little tot in a buggy and saying, "wow, she's fat isn't she?" - just plain rude!

What's wrong with, "you're looking very well, what a beautiful bump!" ;)


  1. So thoughtless... similarly when people assume you want one the opposite of whichever gender child you already have. I was so fired up to go ballistic at any stranger who dared to touch my bump... I must have had such a fearsome expression nobody dared attempt it at all, I was almost disappointed!

  2. So now would be a good time to tell you that i love the photo of you (a couple posts ago) and your lovely bump? I wish i had more pics of me when i was with bump. You my dear look so well and seem so content.I love that pic so much :)

  3. **hugs**

    For your frame, I think your bump size is perfect and while I'm no expert it neither looks huge or small....just right! :)


  4. Arrgh, people told me all the time how *huge* my bump was - it's very intrusive. Even the midwives were at it - but failed to notice that all my stomach muscles had torn, which was the reason for the big bump!

    I think your bump is fab - and I love the henna - I wanted to do that on mine, but for some reason my skin discoloured so much that it would have been invisible!

    Broken Man's Wife

  5. Oh I totally agree, how rude. What is it with peoples obsession with size etc, I constantly put up with comments about charlies hair n them thinking he's a girl!

  6. Yep completely agree, although i seem to get the opposite of 'wow your due in March, really? Your massive are you sure theres only one in there' and so on....

    I now find myself rolling my eyes and sometimes crack the 'yes theres only one in there' joke before they have a chance to say anything!!


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