29 March 2010

A quick note

After worrying everyone so much, when our computer went down yesterday I thought I'd better make use of the library to let you all know where I am this time. ;) The computer won't communicate with the keyboard. We have borrowed another keyboard, and still nothing. So it's wait and see time, and hopefully we'll be back to normal service sooner or later.

I have crocheted my first pair of socks (red bamboo ones for the baby) and made more hot cross buns. And we are in the middle of our Passover preparations and lots of spring crafting. And the garden is starting to grow lovely fresh food. None of which I can show you. I know I have messages to respond to also, and can't get them, because this computer (in the children's area) doesn't allow forums. *sigh* Well, Jennifer (hugs), yes. I will email you about my booking, I promise! And Ashleigh, I love you very much and I am buying a steamer today. I can't remember what else...

Ack, I have so much to share, and so little time. The sun is beautiful today, calling us to the park or the river. But I doubt we'll escape town for a while yet. These are the times when I wish we lived somewhere more rural - but then without the computer I suppose we could feel a bit isolated. Whereas here... I met a lady on the park yesterday who is going to ring me to arrange babywearing classes. And we've just had a morning of playing with friends at Story Time. Life is so full, and so good. We can skate over all the little niggles. We are together, and well, and happy. :)

27 March 2010


A Thursday trip to the park with Naomi and family. :)How blessed I feel to have been brought up by a mother who believed that there is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. It was grey for the first hour or so, but beautifully grey - and blustery too. But we don't care!
Rowan loves the swings so much she can't stop laughing the whole time, Yes, that is my daughter jumping on the seesaw. Health and safety be damned, it looked like fun!Games and craziness and noise positively encouraged. Rules like, "if you let go, you will fall" and "if you throw that sand at another person, you will have to play OUT of the sandpit." No cages, no desks, just the sky and the wind and the sun and the rain, grass and worms, sand and mud.

26 March 2010

Peaceful Week

This week has been peg people, climbing, crochet, puzzles, stories, crafts, glitter, flowers, rainbows and tie-dye. This week has been breathing in peace and breathing out joy.This week has seen spring cleaning, gardening, and glorious sunshine. It has brought our first ladybirds of the season, our first harvests of salad, the first peekings up of calendula, and the beginnings of the end of our last-years medicines harvest!This week has involved jam. This week has had a fair bit of birthday crafting in it. There is always room (and time) for one more present. Rowan has been showing an interest in the girls' dolls, so I made her very own - I named it Poppy, once I'd crocheted the crazy hair to go with the gorgeous fabric I chose just for her on the market.This week has been full of blessings - desperately needed shoes and food shopping, and the bill that had caused our internet to be cut off, all paid for by friends without us ever having told them of our needs. Oh, and wool again (Ashleigh you are such a love)!This week has been remembrance and the lighting of candles. A sweet mama and her family have been in our hearts very much.This week has been full of things that look oddly like school, as well. Jenna has been writing away busily most days, and drawing endless *beautiful* pictures with the Waldorf Lyra pencils. There has been child-sized birthday crafting also - Jenna has finished her embroidery and declared that I must make it up into a blanket for Rowan's dolly. And then she crocheted a bracelet too, for good measure. We spent a busy day at the library and museum, looking at animals, making rockets and bug houses and bookmarks and pictures. And life for the girls has been, well, full and happy.This week has been fun!

Space Centre Visit

Another trip out to Leicester last week, since Jenna had so wanted to go back to the Space Centre and as we'd paid for the extortionate tickets last time we had free passes for a year.The baby, awed by the twinkly lights.Jenna presenting the weather again...
It was a busy and tiring day, but Jenna had a wonderful time and it turned out much less stressful than we expected to keep everyone together and happy! Part of me really hates trips to these supposedly child-friendly indoor places, I suppose I have too much Continuum Concept and Waldorf in my philosophy to think of them as wholly benign or comfortable. But Jenna loves them, and the pull between being led by her and being driven by my personal likes and beliefs... Ah sometimes the choices are hard, and sometimes we just go with the flow and enjoy what is working until it doesn't. ;)