4 March 2010

Really Spring

How many times have I said this? I LOVE the springtime! I have LOVED this winter, we have had a fabulous year already, and yet the warming of the earth and the stirring of the air excites me every time.Shopping at Croots, lovely fresh seasonal vegetables and as usual some treats as well. That's my food budget blown! We do have ingredients for chocolate nests though... Ohhh Easter is so close! (Not to mention Rowan's birthday, no, really, don't mention Rowan's birthday... I only just ordered felt for her birthday crown.)Jenna has mastered the knitting fork again, in need of spring garlands and flowery crowns (apparently).The Season Table is coming to life.I have no idea what this game was, a zen/drawing master-class I believe! Jenna declared her drawing to be of "a person made out of light". Perfect.


  1. Aw, spring and all it implies really is a great time. So glad you find such joy in the changing seasons. xxx

  2. wonderful, loving the person made of light xxx


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