13 March 2010

Highlights of today

More crochet (Mother's Day presents).Wool arrivals (nearly 3kg in total!), for an Easter-time group dye session.Jam tarts inspired by Gina and family - made with Daddy, his first ever batch of pastry.This baby! She had jam in her EARS by the time she was done.And finally new PJs.And so to bed, filled with contentment (and jam).


  1. Oh those PJ's look fab. The boys used to have some like that but no longer. Where are they from?
    Loving the jammie pic too xx

  2. I think the sleepsuit is from Adams - they may both be - either way, my mum bought them both so I'd have to label-check lol!

  3. Hehe! Shiney undyed wool goodness! :)... oh and jammy goodness too! ;) Hope you had a good Mother's Day!

  4. I bet Rowan enjoyed a dejamming bath! :)


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