26 March 2010

Space Centre Visit

Another trip out to Leicester last week, since Jenna had so wanted to go back to the Space Centre and as we'd paid for the extortionate tickets last time we had free passes for a year.The baby, awed by the twinkly lights.Jenna presenting the weather again...
It was a busy and tiring day, but Jenna had a wonderful time and it turned out much less stressful than we expected to keep everyone together and happy! Part of me really hates trips to these supposedly child-friendly indoor places, I suppose I have too much Continuum Concept and Waldorf in my philosophy to think of them as wholly benign or comfortable. But Jenna loves them, and the pull between being led by her and being driven by my personal likes and beliefs... Ah sometimes the choices are hard, and sometimes we just go with the flow and enjoy what is working until it doesn't. ;)

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  1. I love the picture of the girls as space ladies (and a space dog?) Looks like fun. those places are fun sometimes, but so stressful and overwhelming. Too much to look at all at once and not enough time to really focus on everything.


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