3 March 2010

More Outdoor Days (FINALLY!)

The sun is really shining on us now, as Jenna keeps telling me with great delight. So yesterday, even though we were still pretty tired from traveling (and Jenna was a bit on the sensitive side!) we went out to Elvaston Castle to meet some other Green Parents for the day.Emma and Connor.My Jenna, feeling the cold still!Who might live in here?Squirrel!I am so glad for the days seeming suddenly so long, and the fresh air, and the colour, and the warmth. I feel like we have hibernated all winter (even though we've been out most days)! The turning of the year is filled with new joys, new discoveries, and new adventures.

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  1. Looks like a fun day out in beautiful scenery :-)

    Hey are you guys going to the GP meet in May, be great to meet you all if you are :-)



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