9 March 2010

More Spring Doing

Reading, puzzles, hanging out.The painting/crafting bug has certainly bitten hard in my house this week. The baby just did this...While Jenna and Morgan did these...Rowan and Morgan took a long bath (always an essential part of any day involving paint), so Jenna actually got a good long while to paint on her own (totally unheard of in the normal run of things). We have been reading this from the library a lot - The Mermaid of Cafur.I would say her mermaid drawing was inspired by it, except that we only loaned the book out because of her recent frequent drawings and paintings of mermaids...And these are from the first chapter of Alice in Wonderland - Alice falling down the tunnel, cupboards on the walls, a long tunnel with rows of doors under the ground, and her sister still sitting in the meadow. :)


  1. Lovely pictures and painting fun. Imogen loves drawing and painting things inspired from books at the moment too.


  2. She has a real gift and eye for detail. Looks like you've all been having a lovely time, those chocolate nests look great, did you save one for me?!!!!!
    Hugs San xxx

  3. :-) I really like the mermaid painting; that is lovely. I must get my crafty hat on; not only the season swap to finish but I want to do something with the kids for mothering sunday.

    Definitely a card and maybe something else too that C can take home with her on Friday for her mum :-)

  4. Jenna's paintings are really very good, and those eggs are lovely :-)


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