8 March 2010

Book Sharing Monday: My Grandmother's Clock

Another Geraldine McCaughrean book, and another new book (OK we have vouchers) and I love this so much! The bigger girls each got a new book yesterday, Jenna's was an old copy of Alice in Wonderland which I appear to have judged right because she is loving her new bedtime story. Morgan has this. Grandma's clock doesn't tell the time, but she has other measures...

"And as for the centuries, well, we have the comets in their ellipses, the sun and moon's eclipses. The whole universe, you see, is wound up like a clock. And then there are the stars!

My grandmother closed her eyes, but it was for longer than a moment, so she wasn't blinking.

Well, the stars tell us that Time's just too big to fit inside any watch or clock - even the one in the hall."

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