31 March 2011


...and sunshine. A quick walk to town earlier in the week - to throw grain at the ducks and visit the wholefoods shop for dried mango, a jar of olives, some local windmill-ground flour, and various other little weekday treats.
dye days 059
Morgan barely visible, watching the world go by in her own special way. *heart* This quirky girl, there is something about the way she sees things that just knocks my world a little bit off kilter.
dye days 062
The smallest one giggled infectiously at a dog chasing its tail. I can't get enough of her laughter. It makes me giddy.
dye days 063
These three are a whole lot of sunshine. Bar, of course, the huge massive meltdowns yesterday, but let's gloss over all that with the pictures of bright yellow flowers and smiling happy children, shall we? Today, well today is going to be just fine. :) Particularly since Martin has a day off. ;)

30 March 2011

Wednesday WIP (and a book, too)

Still working on that simple vest from my last lot of hand-dyes! Ohh it's coming along nicely, but it's slower going than my usual choice of chunky projects lol.
dye days 070
And the book underneath is Sark's Succulent Wild Woman. Picking it up again for a smile, some encouragement, and something I don't have to concentrate on! Distractions abound...

Speaking of distractions, look at these!
dye days 068
dye days 064b
And yeah so I sneaked in a picture of Morgan being her pixie self, who could blame me though? :)
dye days 071
Joining in with Ginny's Yarn Along again. :)

28 March 2011

Paint me a Rainbow

It's early starts for me recently: Rowan is sleeping slighly longer nights but is perky and chatty before 5am. So, before 8am we were breakfasted and dressed, the breakfast pots washed, the kitchen cleaned, and this is what was on my stove...
dye days 045
Here I am in the garden at silly o'clock hanging out skeins of newly washed hand-dyed yarn... Yup, red hair again. :)
dye days 039
And this is the evidence of a) how early it was and b) how cold it was!
dye days 043
Playing shop occupied all three girls for a while, especially making price labels for everything. Leanne, look! Christmas presents! Thankyou so much. :)
dye days 046
dye days 042
dye days 048
The sun showed up for us eventually, smiling down on my washing line hung with slate blue, earthy brown, rosey blush, jade green, rich rust, and many shades besides. Dye days are made for sunny days, when everything dries so co-operatively in the open air and my kitchen doesn't drip with sheepy smells!
dye days 053
Someone was pretty determined to come "help"...
dye days 049
dye days 052
Here's Jenna's Koolaid tunic. I know, it doesn't look much like a tunic yet, but there ya go. The children were meant to be enthralled by how the yarn sucked up the colour and left a clear dye-bath. They couldn't have cared less, in fact, but they did like poking the bowls with spoons a bit.
dye days 051
Ah well, the results are cute and I can't wait to start making the dress she requested! It will be fabulousness. :)
dye days 047
I'm personally of the opinion that it's impossible to have too many rainbows, though. :)

Odd family-time assortment

Our last dye-day today *sob* so some pictures of the results so far before I head off to start the first batch of the day...
dye days 031
dye days 029
Here is what happened on Saturday evening when I got bored with my long straight hair. Yup, I cut it all off again!
dye days 032
Here are my big girls outside church inspecting the daffodils...
dye days 034
Yes, that's Morgan inside a cushion again...
dye days 036
dye days 037
And look what arrived! A pencil holder lovingly handmade by a fellow Green Parent, just for us. So very beautiful and already much loved. (THANKYOU!)
dye days 002
See, all the very ordinary moments - that make my world go round. :)

27 March 2011

Light Through Windows

dye days 013
Tantalising glimpses at Hardwick Hall on Saturday.
dye days 015
The angles, oh, the grey stone and grey sky and a myriad of shades and tones until grey is simply no longer a sufficient description. Taking pictures here, in the blastingly chill wind, made me actually giddy-happy.
dye days 016
dye days 018
LOOK at those BEAMS! Pure magic,*feeling* the history of this place! (Yes, I'm shouting, just a little!)
dye days 019
dye days 023
Countless hands touched this latch, worked it. How many really looked at it back then? Now it is a work of art to me.
dye days 022
dye days 021
dye days 025

26 March 2011


In the garden, making mixtures: perfume, magic potions, and "cakes for the fairies". Borrowed kitchen equipment.
march 045
A little bit of beetroot cooking water for colour.
march 046
march 049
Oh, and sparkles. Of course.

In other news, my own kitchen witchery is underway!
dye days 004

25 March 2011

Spring Peg Dolls

These little things are the current trend in certain circles, and I saw some rather adorable ones this week over here. How can I resist? Peg dollies are pretty harmless, right?
march 033
So far we are up to about twenty of the things! They are taking over the world. Maybe not so harmless, after all. ;)

24 March 2011


march 040
But not THAT warm - well, in my opinion anyway... Ah well, they disagreed, and thought that an hour squirting each other with warm water (dutifully refilled by mama while she cleaned the kitchen) was just the thing! Hot chocolate and thoughtfully warmed towels were required afterwards though lol (mama did NOT say "I told you so"). They had SO much fun.
march 043
Speaking of fun, well, my idea of fun anyway... Parcels are arriving for another dye day with lovely Ashleigh. *grins* I am ridiculously overexcited.
march 039
More garden days, so welcome, and the rhythm is dancing all over the place but who cares when the Spring is singing its own rhyme and meter? (Oh and can I say again that I just LOVE how this camera makes rainbows all over the place?)
march 031
march 029
We are taking everything outdoors for the time being, sitting under our favourite tree (a good few feet taller already this year).
march 030
march 032
march 034
Today we have also made some gifts for the birds - nest helpers inspired by Paint Cut Paste.
march 036
And life is sunny!

23 March 2011


march 022
Knitting: an improvised simple cardi (like the Pickles vest I made recently for Rowan) which may or may not be too small for any of my children. I'm currently in denial and will decide what to do about it when I cast off.
march 017
I am still suffering from a bit of restlesness on the crafting front. Though I did cut out the felt pieces for a banner yesterday, scissors in hand as I listened to the vegetable and barley soup bubbling away for lunch and the children playing in the sunshine, taking a crafting break between laundry and cleaning the kitchen and a million other small jobs. :)

Reading: One Thousand Gifts - beautiful lilting singing words. A lot of word-play theology which is helpful to my lyrical intuitive brain but isn't everyone's thing. The glipses of someone else's ordinary extraordinary life are so utterly captivating though. I have adored her blog for a good while now.

I finished some Faye Kellerman crime fiction yesterday, too, can't remember which book (lol not that it wasn't good, just that the title wasn't memorable and I can't remember for the life of me where I put it down when I finished it). There is also the usual stack of books besides my favourite perch: my Bible (an NIV currently, not one of my prefered translations for straight reading I will admit), The Celtic Wheel of the Year (still in constant circulation between several reading spots around the house), The Story of the World and Grimm's complete tales (for me as much as for the little ones), and Connection Parenting.

An excess of parenthesis in this post may indicate distraction... ;)

(Yarn Along from Ginny of Small Things).