16 March 2011

Reading and Knitting

march days 026
Reading: Dissolution by C.J.Samson (well, re-reading) and likewise Medieval Women. Lots of History in my house at the moment. The Story of the World and Grimm's complete works both getting a lot of use day to day. And Feast by Nigella Lawson on hand for festive meal planning (it's the only recipe book I ever really read, she writes how I think).

Knitting: um nothing much this week so far, I have a bad case of indecision and have begun about five things before frogging them for various reasons! In the picture, my far-too-large cast on for this Peace Sweater. I think I've changed my mind (again) about this yarn though, and will frog these few rows for something else. To the far right you can also see the hot pad I'm crocheting from Abel and Cole box string, and a toddler vest that sadly ran out of yarn and as yet I haven't decided what to do about that dilemma!

(Joining Ginny's Yarn Along here.)

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  1. I have an affinity with Nigella's cookbooks too! Think it might have something to do with all the chocolate recipes. Looks like you have some great reading there. And lovely coloured wool, looking forward to seeing what happens there x


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