28 March 2011

Odd family-time assortment

Our last dye-day today *sob* so some pictures of the results so far before I head off to start the first batch of the day...
dye days 031
dye days 029
Here is what happened on Saturday evening when I got bored with my long straight hair. Yup, I cut it all off again!
dye days 032
Here are my big girls outside church inspecting the daffodils...
dye days 034
Yes, that's Morgan inside a cushion again...
dye days 036
dye days 037
And look what arrived! A pencil holder lovingly handmade by a fellow Green Parent, just for us. So very beautiful and already much loved. (THANKYOU!)
dye days 002
See, all the very ordinary moments - that make my world go round. :)


  1. such gorgeousness, love the yarn, new hair, growing girls and happiness, wishing you the very best of times my love xx

  2. Thankyou sweet sister-mama. (hugs) xxx

  3. Thankyou! I looove yarn, and it's so satisfying to make my own uniqueness. :)

  4. yarn does look incredibly beautiful. not being the practical kind i would have nothing to do with the stuff - but none the less found myself looking at the pics thinking their msut be something i can think of to make!

  5. I probably shouldn't admit, but I learned to crochet and knit at LEAST as much as an excuse to buy beautiful art yarns as for the actual useful aspect of making something! ;)


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