2 March 2011


weekending 049
She loves the sound of her feet on the ground. Stompstompstomp she runs one way, then STOMP STOMP STOMP back again, grinning. She has a little stomp-y run with her feet lifted high off the ground and her arms pumping at her sides. Delicious!

If the noise of her feet isn't enough, she adds a little extra. Whenever she is moving, there is sound. Lerdle erdle erdle erdle is a favourite. And Uhuhuhuhuh when the ground is uneven. Constant motion = constant noise!

She knows an incredible number of words, a sheer volume of untested experience that she understands but hasn't had the time to try out yet. Every day she comes out with a few more. Over the weekend we discovered that she knows the word "panda" and also (fantastically) "croco-dillo!" Close enough, little one. :)

When I tell her something she doesn't like, she mimics the sisters' expression. "Whyyy?" Little arms folded, chin down, pout, ack I MUST NOT laugh and offend her baby dignity.

If I ask her why she did something, or why she wants something, her answer is always, "because..." She intuits these words of power and their uses, but not HOW they are used. Still, if explaining sometimes works for the people around her, she will try valiently!

She is so nearly two. :)


  1. Lovely words. It's such a delight to watch them grow, isn't it!

  2. Yay for toddlers! This brings back so many memories. Particularly the "stomping" :)

  3. I know, I can't believe our little ones are nearly two already! I keep thinking I should write Esther's funny little phrases down to save them but keep forgetting.


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