27 March 2011

Light Through Windows

dye days 013
Tantalising glimpses at Hardwick Hall on Saturday.
dye days 015
The angles, oh, the grey stone and grey sky and a myriad of shades and tones until grey is simply no longer a sufficient description. Taking pictures here, in the blastingly chill wind, made me actually giddy-happy.
dye days 016
dye days 018
LOOK at those BEAMS! Pure magic,*feeling* the history of this place! (Yes, I'm shouting, just a little!)
dye days 019
dye days 023
Countless hands touched this latch, worked it. How many really looked at it back then? Now it is a work of art to me.
dye days 022
dye days 021
dye days 025

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