22 March 2011

Letting things be messy

So, this week so far... Lots of playfulness, golden curls, bright eyes, and yes a plastic dolly that is Rowan's favourite thing in the world right now.
weekending again 041
weekending again 042
Upside down daughters! They are in a space ship, they tell me, going to the moon.
weekending again 043
Angelic in an old Christening gown that an uncle wore 50 years ago.
march 001
There would be no reading this blog and thinking of my life as a tidy life. Since January I have been properly spring cleaning, and still the washing piles up and the pots need washing and the children get through an inordanant amount of clothing for children who always seem to be naked when I answer the door... This week I have been tackling bookshelves and laundry (again). :)

Pools of golden honey light across the dirty chopping board and scraps of composting. Mama's work is never done. Yet today, she accepts is, rejoices in it.
march 009
Light and shade, light and shade, the Spring sun is changing everything.

Littlest one, angelic again in a dress her sister chose, wrinkle-nosed grin that is so beautiful I hurt from it.
march 005
march 006
Windows open, clutter accumulated. Another space to turn my attention to when there is a moment. A testament to love and chaos and the ordinary. A bag of bolts from a cot long abandoned. A tea-stained treasure map dry and crinkled. A tangle of yarn that may never be unknotted. The peace in those things, always there is peace available.
march 007
Feet in paint, squelch.
march 008
march 011
Fabulous afternoon sunny-day fun. I embrace the messy, the impossible, the process. It doesn't always flow like this. Perhaps it could.
march 013
march 015
Meal time candles and meal time blessings. Hearty stews still to warm the chill evening, but also there is cake in celebration of those golden daytimes. :)
march 016
march 020
Much to celebrate, with the Spring. xxx


  1. Beautiful, love those smiles.

  2. Haha, those thongs that may never be tackled, or things still here from other things long gone, I have a house full! Such a lovely joyous post, glad things are going well,

  3. I love the days that flow, that are exuberant and messy and still you can let go and just enjoy it all, wishing you many, many more of them this Spring :)

  4. Oh,oh,oh, Sarah, oh look how much she has grown since I was last able to look at photos properly! What an absolute cutie! Those dresses are a bit lovely too :-)

  5. Can you believe she will be two years old next month? I really can't get my head around it! She's so beautiful, and that smile with the wrinkled nose, ack! So so good to see you back hun. xxx


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