14 March 2011

Weekending Magic

This weekend was just what I needed in every way. What a difference a couple of days makes, no time pressure or appointments or obligations, just amazing places to explore, with the warmth of the spring sunshine and the care of family.
weekending 102
(No, I have no idea why my two little ones are inside a cushion.)
weekending 080
Beeston woods on Friday. And yes, I did take off my boots and wander around the fields barefoot. Martin laughed at me!
weekending 093
weekending 097
Isn't that Japanese knotweed scary stuff? Even the trees are struggling beneath it.
weekending 101
weekending 100
In the depths of the woods, a daffodil in full bloom! :)
weekending 104
weekending 103
weekending 105
Playground fun.
weekending 090
weekending 093
weekending 106
Love this fun orange snack.
weekending 076
Calke Abbey on Saturday. This place is crazy and fascinating, a tribute to the eccentric collector. I wish I could have taken a lot of pictures of the insanity inside the house, I do love that place.
weekending 107
weekending 088
weekending 110
weekending 087
weekending 111
weekending 112
weekending 113
weekending 108
weekending 114
weekending 116
Sunday, Church then lunch with Emma and Chris. Play in the garden, a walk at Elvaston Castle.
weekending 115
weekending 120
weekending 118
weekending 121
weekending 123
weekending 127
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  1. Looks like a wonderful way to spend the weekend

  2. What a gorgeous weekend! I love that picture of you surrounded by your girls - beautiful!

  3. What a fab weekend. And I am loving your girls evolving style. xx

  4. :)

    Morgan is hilarious, she hit this four-year-old "I love pink and glitter and frilly things" stage, to my huge surprise after years of picking up every green, red or brown thing in charity shops! But she does mix and match just as fabulously as Jenna, with her offbeat funky studenty style.

    I'm sure people we walk past assume that hippy mama chooses the crazy clothing, but they ALL usually decide what to wear by themselves. :) I don't get asked for style advice lol.

    Though Jenna told me yesterday, pensive and quiet, that she doesn't "dress the same as all the other kids". I waited for her to talk, a bit worried that she has even noticed, but apparently she was wondering if she should wear more "grown up" clothes because she thinks other children might be jealous she doesn't have to wear school uniform!!

  5. I just love that picture of Rowan covered with leaves!

    Looks like a wonderful weekend.

    Love to you all

  6. Really lovely pictures. I miss Calke Abbey so much, I feel like it's a big part of my childhood. Must find the money for petrol and go back soon.

  7. what a wonderfully delightful post! I miss the times of going out with my children. Although we sometimes wander up to Elvaston Castle together as it's only around £30 minutes walk for us from where we are. Calke Abbey is fantastic. we are so lucky living in Derby with so many amazing places around and about. That's the only thing I miss about my ex ~ No Car! lol


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