9 March 2011

Seeing the Good

I have made a real effort this afternoon to ignore the lingering migrane and stomach ache and find some things to smile about. Morgan wanted a birthday party for "my baby which is called Candle" (ie Rowan dressed in a red fairy dress that keeps tripping her up) and have it "in ours castle" (ie the bottom bunk with silks draped everywhere).

So obviously we had to make cake, and a feast of party food in little dishes was prepared. They had pesto pasta, grated cheese, grated carrot, thin slices of pitta bread, a cup of raisins, a cup of dried banana slices, some dried mango, a small packet of Love Hearts (blech) which I had been hiding from them since a kind friend gave them to Morgan recently, and a big pile of mini rice cakes. Sounds like a party to me! They all wore their birthday crowns, and a very merry birthday it was too, which "baby Candle" presided over regally, even responding to her new name. :)
drowning 050
All my girls had their hair cut this week. Jenna because she had knotted it badly and asked that could I please cut it rather than combing it? She looks *so* grown up. Then of course the little ones wanted to get in on the act too, Morgan because she said she wanted her hair to still be shorter than Jenna's, and Rowan just wanted to join in - in her own words "snip snip ME hair!"
drowning 045
Now HERE is something that always makes me smile. Morgan, dancing. :) These pictures are both from Monday. How is it that no matter how I am feeling, there are always little bright glimpses of the sun? It is purest grace.
drowning 037
drowning 036
Roo playing with the doll's house a couple of hours ago (aww wearing the green dress Nadia knitted for her).
drowning 052
Cheesecake. Yum. Haha yes, children's games, craft, and FOOD. Well, we take the smiles where we find them, right? It hardly has to be high art to help us find the beauty in the everyday.
drowning 003
Handspun from a friend's new spinning wheel, just waiting for me to decide what to turn it into. :)
drowning 049
Morgan dancing *again*. She's a very twirly swirly pixie at the moment. This was the first of three outfits she wore yesterday lol.
drowning 048
And, finished knitting from today, a vest for that very same pickle. Just in need of buttons. :)
drowning 046
There, see, just about smiling again. :)
drowning 051


  1. Nice to see you smiling and better!

  2. That party sounded wonderful...what a great mummy those little ladies have in you! Glad you've got your smile back x


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