23 March 2011


march 022
Knitting: an improvised simple cardi (like the Pickles vest I made recently for Rowan) which may or may not be too small for any of my children. I'm currently in denial and will decide what to do about it when I cast off.
march 017
I am still suffering from a bit of restlesness on the crafting front. Though I did cut out the felt pieces for a banner yesterday, scissors in hand as I listened to the vegetable and barley soup bubbling away for lunch and the children playing in the sunshine, taking a crafting break between laundry and cleaning the kitchen and a million other small jobs. :)

Reading: One Thousand Gifts - beautiful lilting singing words. A lot of word-play theology which is helpful to my lyrical intuitive brain but isn't everyone's thing. The glipses of someone else's ordinary extraordinary life are so utterly captivating though. I have adored her blog for a good while now.

I finished some Faye Kellerman crime fiction yesterday, too, can't remember which book (lol not that it wasn't good, just that the title wasn't memorable and I can't remember for the life of me where I put it down when I finished it). There is also the usual stack of books besides my favourite perch: my Bible (an NIV currently, not one of my prefered translations for straight reading I will admit), The Celtic Wheel of the Year (still in constant circulation between several reading spots around the house), The Story of the World and Grimm's complete tales (for me as much as for the little ones), and Connection Parenting.

An excess of parenthesis in this post may indicate distraction... ;)

(Yarn Along from Ginny of Small Things).


  1. I'm currently on my second reading of THE book!! Somedays it can be hard tot the blessings, I keep telling myself I'm a work in progress!!

    Hugs San xx

  2. I just finished my second reading and this afternoon I mailed it to a friend. :) Pass on the joy!


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