10 March 2011

From Last Week

An assortment of pictures as we cause mayhem with extra people in the house! :) First of all, Rowan's finished Pebble Vest.drowning 002
And some random assorted play taking up my entire living space.
drowning 007
A Squee and Cerys arrive, and share green smoothie with relish (well, with straws).
drowning 010
Why is that toddler stealing my drink?!
drowning 012
The precise opposite of blanket training. ;) Baby can come off the blanket if she wants, but NO CHILDREN are to step foot on it, as Cerys is fed up with being squished!
drowning 015
Ancient Egypt board game - because to my surprise, Jenna keeps right on with making entries in her lesson book and is still fascinated with her Egypt studies even with so many other things going on and people staying and a somewhat holiday mood.
drowning 020
A proper house full...
drowning 019
drowning 025
I somehow get more knitting and crocheting done...
drowning 026
drowning 027
A group trip to the Natural History Museum (where there is in fact, a Mummy - two if you count the mummified cat)! Oh, and there are books too, of course.
drowning 030
drowning 028
Lunch in Nando's happens (and so does an - unphotographed - trip to the fabulous family friendly Turkish restaurant we are fond of).
drowning 032
And our week passes really really quickly (even if we do share germs somewhat *sigh*). Thankyou for a wonderful week, Leanne and kitten! :)


  1. First of all, I can't believe Rowan still fits in those green pants! SO glad they're getting their use :) Secondly, the sweater and matching hat are adorable!! Knitting is amazing, taking yarn and making cute things like that. Looks like a busy, fun week.

  2. Ah ! gorgeous pics looks like you had a wonderful week ! And as always so impressed with al your creations . xx

  3. Haha Amber I know! They have fitted for well over a year, and they're the best ones for staying up without a nappy. :)


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