17 March 2011

The Thing About Ordinary

Sweet babyness, playing beautiful inexplicable games in her own small way. Reminding me how little I can ever know what goes on in their precious heads with the new words that try so hard to explain it.
march days 005
Such a fuzzy feeling seeing her wrap the doll I made her for her first birthday in the blanket I made for her before she was born... She sings her babies to sleep beautifully.
march days 023
march days 022
How big she is!
march days 014
Super-grown up Jenna, too. How fast, how it simply flies by, leaving me grieving and rejoicing all rolled up together. This conciousness of time and how much it is giving us and stealing from us is such a universal mother-song.
march days 012
Snippets of mama's journal art.
march days 015
march days 013
(Not the best of photographs today!)
march days 017
A view of the toy shelves.
march days 007
Outdoor pixie-ness.
march days 019
Jenna at her books.
march days 009
We are done with the Indus Valley (Harrappan Civilisation) already. The Indian story of the Hunter and the Quail here: Together they are strong, apart they are supper! She has so loved the Story of the World so far, and I am learning so much. I honestly didn't know until this week where on earth Babylon was. *blushes*
march days 010
Friends round for tea and play - dressing up in the messiest room of the house, and doing interesting stunts on the stairs (eek).
march days 018
march days 025b
march days 027b
The thing about Ordinary is there is such a lot of feeling, doing, and being packed into it.


  1. I just love rowan's little toes coming together like that in the smiley picture of her!!!

  2. Wonderful, magical ordinariness!

  3. Your "ordinary" sounds super fantastic to me!! Have missed you loads, computer is finally sorted. so I'll be checking up on you as normal, LOL!!!

    Hope you have a great weekend

    Hugs San xx


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