24 March 2011


march 040
But not THAT warm - well, in my opinion anyway... Ah well, they disagreed, and thought that an hour squirting each other with warm water (dutifully refilled by mama while she cleaned the kitchen) was just the thing! Hot chocolate and thoughtfully warmed towels were required afterwards though lol (mama did NOT say "I told you so"). They had SO much fun.
march 043
Speaking of fun, well, my idea of fun anyway... Parcels are arriving for another dye day with lovely Ashleigh. *grins* I am ridiculously overexcited.
march 039
More garden days, so welcome, and the rhythm is dancing all over the place but who cares when the Spring is singing its own rhyme and meter? (Oh and can I say again that I just LOVE how this camera makes rainbows all over the place?)
march 031
march 029
We are taking everything outdoors for the time being, sitting under our favourite tree (a good few feet taller already this year).
march 030
march 032
march 034
Today we have also made some gifts for the birds - nest helpers inspired by Paint Cut Paste.
march 036
And life is sunny!


  1. SO SO SO jealous!! Even if it's not that warm, it's warm enough. WE, on the other hand, have snow and 20 degree weather. *sigh* spring takes so long to get here...

  2. what a good idea for the nests , and what colourful ones they will be xx

  3. Loving your garden pics :)

    That wool looks lovely (I clicked for a close up) will you be selling any? I'd love to buy a suprise ball of dyed dk?

    Claire xox

  4. Aw Amber warming hugs! I hope you get to see Spring early this year. :)

    Claire, PM me - or email - and of course we can arrange something lol! Blogger hasn't linked your profile today so I'm not 100% sure which Claire you are, but I know a lot of lovely Claires, so it would be a pleasure to custom dye something for you.


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