30 December 2010

The Inbetween Days

We had lots of visits from (and to) friends last week.
christmas 091
christmas 094
christmas 095
christmas 097
christmas 098
I am so blessed to have these women friends. We took so many different paths after we left school. Scattered both geographically, philosophically and emotionally. Radically different daily lives. Yet true friends and sisters. Honest with our struggles, sharing our triumphs. It's nearly ten years since we saw each other every day at school, and yet here they still are - here to take a late night I-can't-do-this phone call. Here to spend a day playing with my children, offering them friendship as they have steadfastly given to me. :)
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christmas 099
christmas 102
christmas 103
Also, we had my Dad's 50th Birthday party. Dad had a lovely time. I struggled with feeling that the children weren't entirely welcomed by some of the guests (though others made it quite clear that they LOVED having them there). And my Grandma enjoyed playing with Rowan. :) I don't really have much of a relationship with my Grandma any more. She has seemed pretty reluctant to see the children generally, so I am so happy that Rowan elicited actual compliments. :)
in between 008
And I got the first pictures I have of me with both of my brothers since I was 14!
in between 014
in between 013
Generally, life has really got back into a lovely groove of rhythm and flow.
in between 018
Outdoor time every day slips to a quick trip into the garden to feed the birds. But today we got further, since the thaw has allowed Morgan a little more freedom. She didn't turn blue today!
in between 025
in between 024
New life is already pushin up everywhere, and putting forth tender new shoots and jewel-like buds.
in between 026
The weekly plan had slipped bit by bit and this week we went back into wholeheartedly making space and giving each moment its due attention. The children even helped me to catch up with the washing (well, mostly lol) and clean the oven. But mostly, it has been stories and art, songs and prayers, dancing through the days.
in between 016
The thread through everything right now is the neverending creative role play with the little Waldorf figures. I hear snippets of it all day as we go about the ordinary things. They put on voices for them. And sing, oh the songs I hear! The figures I ordered from Germany three days ago arrived today, Christmas gift money well spent. Jenna has her Aslan!