20 December 2010

Some Morgan Artwork

A week ago, we were getting many many drawings like this from Morgan. I love them, these little floating potato people, dancing above fantastical rainbow coloured landscapes. They hold a special place in my heart.
creative 035
Then this week, we have had our first one of these... Look! The purple dude has a body!! So quickly these things are come and gone.
creative 029
This little four year old has started writing, too. She copied Jenna's name on this one.
creative 033
The same day, she came to me with the Peppa Pig note book someone had given her, and told me that she needed to paint in it - because look, it says "painting". She read the "p" part and made up the rest, but woah, that is READING. It isn't just that I haven't taught her to do it, it's that I haven't even made any extra-special effort to read to her or point out signs or anything that I well-meaningly did for Jenna. Morgan hasn't been into books much for a good few months, though she will listen to one when her sisters do. And she is showing a lot of pre-reading skills! Take that, formal schooling. ;)


  1. Isnt it amazing what they pick up.
    Rye is doing really well, too, he hasn't asked to read any books himself for a while, so we've just been making up stories and me just reading... I do love that he now likes listening to me making up stories and doens't need the pictures to enjoy it :-)

  2. Ohhhh and I love her drawings too, they are so colourful. And that is an excellent effort at writing Jenna's name!

  3. The top picture is of me (with green hair), carrying a little yellow Rowan, as you can see. *grins*

  4. Children will pick up a lot of things without formal schooling, in fact formal schooling can discourage a lot.Our eldest read heaps but it was pushed out of her at school as she was held back.Our second had little in formal learning and not only picks up reading easy but also loves stories being read.I love watching how their pictures develope too.So amazing.

  5. Oh, So lovely, isn't it amazing watching these little developments :)

    Morgan's letters are amazing!

    Love Gina xxx

  6. Those pictures are amazing! I love it when they start to add bodies :-)

    As for formal schooling, I think it is touch overrated. My eldest just finished reading the Magic Faraway Trilogy, and so far she hasn't actually had a single English lesson. They don't ever start for another few years, so heavens knows what they will do with her then! Even though she is in school here (Switzerland) she won't ever start learning the German alphabet until she is 6 1/2. The formal stuff is put off for as long as possible.

    They all come to what they need in their own time, and it sounds like (as usual) Morgan is setting her own pace.


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