4 December 2010

A Festive Assortment

Lots of paper crafts this week. Rowan so wants to join in, but I'm a bit funny about her using scissors as she has nearly snipped holes in my clothes once or twice. Funny, I used to worry about them being hurt by sharp things, now not so much. I do feel the need to defend property somewhat though. I insist that they sit, and use them on replaceable things only, but that's all. I had been distracting Rowan from the scissors a lot recently, but did I mention I'm being challenged to find a way to say "yes" more? ;)
hannukah 001
hannukah 003
hannukah 004
On the same subject, some Wii play this afternoon. While they did that, Martin and I (helped and hindered by various little mayhem-causing hands from time to time) cleared ALL THREE bedrooms of all junk, four boxes of things for charity, three smaller bags of washing (when oh when will the washing end?) and then we sorted laundry and hoovered upstairs. This may be the first time I have been able to see *all* of the carpet in my bedroom since, well, since we moved in. *blushes*
hannukah 007
Martin usually takes the girls to a Dads and Kids group on Fridays, but it was cancelled this week because of the weather (yes, still snowing here)! I wasn't terribly impressed because it's a LOCAL group, everyone is on foot surely?! I still got a couple of hours of quiet, necessitated by more recording work (you know, me being the voice of a couple of those phone systems that tell you your call is important but can't be answered?) and I also managed to make stew with dumplings, challah, latkes, donuts, and various accompaniments. Not bad for an hour's work!
hannukah 005
This morning, "Mumma can we have the left over donuts for breakfast?" Yes, of course. Why not?! They're home made, and relatively healthy as donuts go, anyhow. And I don't object to eating cake at that time of the morning, myself. See how this is working for me?
hannukah 006
I rather like that so many of my posts labelled either "festivals" or "faith" also contain the label "food"... Sorry, unasked-for view into my mind there. ;)
hannukah 008
And today's addition to the Jesse Tree, in case you can't decipher, is a purple camel. Representing Abraham. Yes, purple. No, I don't know why Jenna wanted to make it purple. A better question might be, why not?


  1. Ahhhhh, it is so lovely to read and catch up :-) And wow busy, busy day. The food looks delicious. I got into a bit of a kitchen funk the other day looking for something, so the room is a tip and I blinker my eyes, make coffee, simple quick meals and then beat a hasty retreat. Alas, the entire kitchen is beginning encroaching upon my eyes and I shall have to venture in with gloves and binbags, homemade disinfectant and wage war. LOL.

    Anyhoos have a lovely evening. I shall try not to scream that my wireless keeps turning itself off for no apparent reason!

  2. Oop! I am trying to say 'yes' at the moment too - but I can't remember what I read that originally inspired me..... ?

    How's it going? I have found (upon observing myself) that my natural reaction seems to be 'no' even if there is no good reason. It's interesting.

    Well done on the clarout and cooking! Very impressive.


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