16 December 2010

Creative Days

Paper chains! Yippee! It's really Christmas now. ;)
creative 002
creative 008
Jesse Tree getting filled up with symbols.
creative 007
Mandala colouring. These are from June Moon. And my finished Mandala. First time I've left this much white space when colouring one of these, I wonder what *that* represents?
creative 003
creative 009
And here is, tadaa! My baby's first proper water colour painting, done with an actual brush. Whilst singing, "My Little Blue Ship".
creative 027
My husband losing at Scrabble.
creative 005
Ahh, it's a fairy!
creative 006
Playing house with a blanket over the little table.
creative 011
creative 012
creative 014
A finished make, which I am so in love with I would keep if the recipient hadn't already paid me for them. ;) Unique, quirky, and warm!
creative 013
A quick make to keep a baby quiet while I used the sewing machine again this morning! Slower makes to replace the (sadly deceased) velvet stockings I made the year Jenna was born. They just need some embellishing now. :)
creative 025
creative 020
And the finished felted bowls (all Christmas gifts).
creative 017
The TV hadn't been on for over 48 hours when Jenna threw a cup of water over it (don't ask) and I was on the side of not having it fixed at all. In the end we decided that since it could be looked at for free, we could decide later if it was worth keeping it or selling/giving away. Jenna wants to keep it, as in BADLY wants to keep it. She loves Scooby Doo too much, she tells me.

My irrational fear reaction is that it should go, because she's "too attached" to it. But I'm attached to the computer. I could give it up, but I don't want to, and nobody is going to force me because I'm an adult and allowed to make that kind of decision for myself. I felt really torn. Do I believe in choice and self-regulation? How much do I believe in it? Do I believe that it's right for them to be allowed control over their own lives, even if they do things with that choice that I don't like?

Anyhow, no decisions, but Jenna has said she is happy for me to make the decision for her as long as I let her watch programs on the computer sometimes. ;) No matter how many times we have a day when I think, "why can't you just do as you're told!" I honestly LOVE that these children bargain with me, compromise, voice their own creative solutions to our impasse. :)

She is now, co-incidentally, the proud owner of the coolest hoodie ever. Remember the fabric I bought, um, in the summer? Well I'm finally using it lol. The TV repair guy came while I was sewing this morning, and did the open-mouth-raised-eyebrows thing when he realised I was making clothes.
creative 026
She has worn it all day, trailing thread at the hem notwithstanding. I am so proud of it she might not be allowed to take it off ever, anyway. :)
creative 022
And as I type this post, she's dancing around the living room to Drops of Jupiter. Did I mention already how much I LOVE this kid? ;)
creative 024


  1. Some gorgeous things there, you are very gifted.

    I have a similar dilemma with all the childrens belongings. Ie way too much stuff, and duplicates of many things. I would love to get rid of about 2/3rds of it, but they won't let me, and at the end of the day it is their stuff, and how would I feel if I was told to get rid of my things?

  2. Wow, you are so very busy!!!!What a talented lady you are. The picture of your husband cracks me up.

  3. Thankyouuu! :)

    LOL that picture made me giggle too. I got another - of him doing his geeky grin at the camera - but the concentrating look was just too funny to pass up. :)

  4. That hoodie is fab!!!!!

    Love the Christmassy house, our tree goes up the night before Pip's birthday.

    Dave and i are amazed that you two find time to play board games!

    Hugs San and all xx

  5. All three children asleep before 8pm (a shockingly rare occurance), what on earth to do now?

    Yup. Tidy up. Knit. Play Scrabble. Eat Green and Blacks. LOL insufficient energy for anything else!

  6. I just wanted to say hello! Discovered your blog while browsing the green parent forums. You have some beautiful pictures there! :) Emma x


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