14 December 2010

My Daughters

All three are more beautiful than I can accurately say. We have great days. We have awful days. Sometimes I think I am really not cut out for this job. Sometimes I can't imagine any greater blessing. But all of that is just detail. They are three incredible genuine quirky living breathing loving young women. I love them to pieces for everything they have been, will be, and are. And they are just SO beautiful.
birthday 003
birthday 004
birthday 002
That is all for today. *grins*


  1. Lovely - isn't it great to count our blessings? xx

  2. they really are so very beautiful :)

    Totally loved Moragn's birthday gifts, how lovely, is she enjoying them?

    How is Rowan's skin btw, off topic, just wondering! She looks very delicious!

    many blessings you already have!

    Claire xoxox

  3. She is really loving them. :) She had a little treasure chest from my mum, it has compartments inside and she has decided that it is the peg dolly's bedroom. I'm so glad we kept it simple, because these couple of things have had so much love and real value to her.

    Rowan is doing great. Still a bit like sandpaper sometimes but rarely inflamed. We get it under control with olive oil based salve and it is fine for a month or two, then any little bug (or teething) flares it up again. Yesterday she was like sandpaper but not red at all. Today it's back to smooth beautiful skin except where she scratched her back (ugh). xxx

  4. What lovely girls and a great series of photographs. Jenna is looking so grown up all of a sudden. xx

  5. They are a bunch of beautiful and gorgeous girls... just like their mama!!!
    Sarah, I think you do a GREAT job!


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