11 December 2010

Sweet Morgan

A glorious, magical, inexplicable, merry-go-round of a journey we have walked together. Sunshine daughter, sweet pixie-child, all or nothing, fearless, steady and contented introvert surrounded by a family of extraverted change-makers.
Morgan Anne Clark 033
That round wonky peaceful squishy bundle of a baby who barely made a sound, has blossomed into a glowing generous passionate thoughtful little girl. You astound me. I am so blessed to share my days with you.
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Four years ago, I started to write about our lives. Barely a week has gone by since without me recording my rambling thoughts about mothering you, your first words, your precious sweetness, our learning and growing together, your unique and beautiful view of the world. You have taught me more about myself than I could hope to have taught you in that time about anything at all!

Four years is hardly long enough to begin to know each other. A lifetime will barely be enough. You will always and forever be loved for just who you are, yesterday, right here and now, and for all the tomorrows we have.


  1. lovely lovely xxsuck lovely words , bless you Morgan x

  2. sorry that should have been such lovely words xxxxx

  3. Happy birthday beautiful girl :)

  4. As always tear jerkingly wonderful, heartfelt words. Your little ones are so lucky to have you as there mama!

    Happy Birthday to you both!!

    Love and hugs
    San and co xxx

  5. Brightest Birthday Blessings Morgan

    Hope your day has been joyful!

    Love Gina xxxx

  6. Happy Birthday Morgan!

    Such sweet words Sarah

    Blessings, Michelle x


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