23 December 2010

Twelve Days of Giving

Another new tradition here this year. I have made twelve scrolls with giving quests for the children, one for each day from Christmas to Epiphany. :) I had seen the idea before, but this link really pushed me to go ahead with it this year.

Last year we marked twelve days of Christmas, keeping the Christmas themed activities going and opening gifts throughout the twelve days. This year there are far fewer gifts, deliberately, and even if there were a lot I would rather not dwell so much on receiving things. So, here we have a way to focus on what we can give and acts of service during the Christmas season. :)

Here are our twelve:
- Today's quest is to make cookies for people on our street.
- Write some thankyou notes to friends and family.
- Today your mission is to give someone a BIG HUG and some encouragement.
- What a wonderful day to care for God's creatures! Please feed the birds.
- Take some gifts to the homeless today. Drop some clothes off at a shelter and if possible give some money to a charity that feeds the homeless.
- Find a way to tell your family how loved they are. Make a card for a family member you don't often see.
- My mission to you is to do battle with the dust bunnies under the beds. A tidy bedroom would hugely bless your mama!
- This fine morning you have a new quest! Decorate the Season Table for the new year.
- Spend time playing with a younger child - you are a wonderful role model.
- Small jobs are big blessings, and a gesture of practical love is your quest for today. Ask around to see what job you could do.
- Your quest for today is to plan and make a meal for friends.
- Please say a prayer for a friend who is struggling at this time.

I have tied them up in ribbon and I'll put them on the tree on Christmas Eve. How exciting! :)
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  1. What a lovely idea. I hope you dont mind me using it with my own children. Merry Christmas.

    Sarah x

  2. Of course, you are quite welcome. :)

  3. That is a lovely idea and one I think I will adapt at some point - especially after Rye telling me yesterday that I needed to ring someone to ask them to buy him a present, after I told him I wasn't buying anything more for a while. Cheeky monkey. (Tho, quite impressed with his problem solving, lol)


  4. Just lovely as always... hmm, I think we might be joining you on a quest but in a simplified version! I've not the wit nor the time to make beautiful scrolls!
    Be Blessed
    With love
    San and all xxx

  5. such a lovely idea and one we will definately be pinching in the future. After several busy days we felt charlie needed a bit of normality so didnt end up doing them this year, though perhaps it would be a nice start to the year..hmm

    Hope you and your lovely family have had a magical family filled christmas!

    happy new year to you all



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