13 December 2010

Back to Christmas-ing!

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Third Sunday in Advent is past, the feast of the animals, and many little creatures join Mary (and,belatedly, Joseph) on the Season Table! So many wintery crafts are calling to us now that the gift making is done...

We ventured into town to the wholefoods co-op today. The children walked the two miles there AND had energy to stop at the Arboretum on the way.
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It started to rain. The baby started to cry from the cold. We headed off to get the shopping. It was a great little interval of fresh air in our busy morning though.

Town may or may not have been a mistake. I did pick up coloured paper for paper chains, and do our last storecupboard shop before Christmas (carrying it home made my arms ache!) but ugh. Town is hellish. People are really grouchy and rushed, and Morgan got separated from us once, Rowan got knocked over twice, you know, that kind of day. Morgan also lay down on the pavement at once point, and got her one remaining clean set of warm outerwear wet and muddy.

On the up side, I was brave, and left Rowan's nappies at home. Usually if we're going so far she is somewhat padded just in case. But today she went to public loos three times, and came home dry. She much prefers big girl pants, but I have this fear hangover from ending full time EC so suddenly. Part time EC and part time independant pottying and part time nappies has been the way things are for over six months. I guess we're getting close to putting the nappies away for good now. :)

We did blissful nothing this afternoon. A good long well-deserved rest and a cup of yummy new herbal tea. Some light knitting, and a DVD.
busy days 006
We decorated our giant cardboard crackers a couple of days ago. See? There is some crafting going on still! ;)
birthday 001
I so want to make paper chains, dry orange slices, bake gingerbread, all those old favourite activites... But I also (mostly) want to relax, follow the joy, and make plenty of time to just... be. :)


  1. *sigh* I miss days like that! I'm so ready to get out of this hospital bed!!

    Rowan looks so peaceful sleeping there :)


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