12 December 2010


So there we were, last thing at night, busy beavers knowing that a sleeping little girl upstairs would be so delighted in the morning with whatever we had achieved! My last picture of this three year old.
birthday 021
And yes, I did everything off my list! Here is Jenna working hard on her present to Morgan.
birthday 015
And this is the finished gift. So lovely!
birthday 020
Gorgeous surprised face, my first picture of this four year old. :) Four times around the sun. Four years since I birthed her into warm water beneath our twinkling Christmas lights. And look! She is just so beautiful!
birthday 022
Tweedle Dee Dee is such a *great* book and she has loved it for a long time. I'm so glad I saved it for her birthday.
birthday 024
And her present from us, some little peg dolls from Blackbeary Mountain.
birthday 026
birthday 027
A table set for a birthday pixie. When I lit the candles, Jenna took Morgan in her arms and prayed over her as we do on Friday nights at candle lighting.
birthday 030
birthday 029
A birthday tradition, our walks at Attenborough. The children loved the sight of the semi-frozen gravel pits and spent a while smashing ice and trying not to go in deep enough to get icey water in their wellies.
birthday 031
birthday 034
birthday 038
birthday 041
Rowan and my mum against the winter sky.
birthday 043
And lastly, a birthday tea, with friends - and cake (of course).
birthday 017
birthday 047
A lovely lovely day of celebration.


  1. A lovely day, and she looks so grown up!

    Happy Belated Birthday Morgan


  2. Well done to you all, such beautiful gifts and a happy and smiling birthday girl!

    Love San x

  3. Happy Birthday Morgan! I love love love that picture of her and Jenna together!! Looks like you had a lovely day together.

  4. What beautiful photos of a beautiful girl! I love the hand made present, and the cake, it looks fantastic :)
    Love Gina xxx

  5. Aww Happy Birthday Morgan!! Hope you all had a wonderful day (it certainly looks like you have!).
    best wishes to you all

  6. I love Jenna's present, it is so beautiful. Does she take commissions?

  7. What a wonderful post - thank you for sharing such a joyous day and Birthday blessings for your beautiful girl. xx

  8. Thankyou all! :)

    Jenna did a great job on the felting, I thought I'd end up doing a lot of the embellishment but she so wanted it to be all her own work. Sibling sweetness. :)

  9. Birthday blessings Morgan.
    Sorry I didn't post sooner, we had a special birthday celebration here too ;-)


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