22 December 2010


Some things arrived here this week unexpectedly, giving me a huge smile this morning when I got to open everything.

My birthday presents! There are two of these beautiful handmade necklaces, one turquoise and one amber. The amber one is so much more gorgeous than a photograph does justice to, I love love love them both. :) Thankyou muchly to my grandmas and my lovely husband, and to the talented lady who made them and got them here so fast in the Christmas period! Please check out her shop if you have Christmas money to spend on yourself.
yule 030
And then, oh Denise, thankyou. This lovingly chosen and sweetly worded story book (and a card). You have such a way of touching me with your friendship, mama. I was in the middle of stressing about the mess here when this arrived. And I sat and had a little cry, before getting on with the much nicer "jobs" of playing with (and reading to) my precious children.
yule 029
And that's the story of my day. Stressing, cleaning, a little unpleasantness with some children on the street hassling Jenna (resolved by some mama firmness) and then blessed peacefulness and story telling this afternoon. A day of two halves indeed! :)


  1. Lovely necklaces, what gorgeous gifts.
    The book looks interesting, I love latkes (I take it there's a recipe in there somewhere?) and have a Jewish cookbook with a recipe and many more fantastic Jewish delights. Oh that does it, I need to make latkes tomorrow ;)


  2. They are beautiful...good thing it's my birthday in January! I'll put one on my wishlist :)


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