21 December 2010

Short Days

...with a lot packed into them! Yesterday and today we have been doing a lot of Solstice crafts, baking, walking, and attempting to have the house a little more orderly for Christmas. I'm spectactularly failing on the last goal, so let's dwell on the other things... :) Ice, for example!
yule 008
yule 007
And feedng some very chilly birdies.
yule 011
Walking to the park to find branches for painting white.
yule 002
yule 004
yule 005
Cocoa when we get home.
yule 006
A sleeping pixie while I produce new mittens for those chilly baby fingers.
yule 009
yule 012
yule 015
More baby cuteness, I know I know, just indulge me here if you please. ;)
yule 017
yule 018
A ride on mama's back so that baking can be done more easily. Banana, cinnamon and currant loaf, and gingerbread suns and trees (admittedly rather well done).
yule 021
yule 022
yule 023
Sensory labyrinths and barley spirals for little fingers to walk in meditative fashion.
yule 020
Yule log to light the longest night.
yule 027
I have been reading aloud prayers from the Celtic Wheel of the Year today. These lines stuck with me from the moment we rose.

***Blessed be you, Sun Maker, Orb Turner, you know (and created) the wisdom of the rhythms. Teach me the health of fallow times as I walk out this shortest day. From the rising to the setting of the Midwinter Sun, scatter the long darkness with the light of your love, Oh Shining One. Cover us with your mercy, as we lay down the year we cannot change, and the new sun rises on our hopes for the year ahead.***
yule 028


  1. Looks like a wonderful day. I love Rowan's mittens.

    I really need to get a wrap like that, I can never get the back carry right on our mei tai.

  2. Such lovely pics and much cuteness! :) Looks like a very busy few days.

  3. I realized that it was the shortest day but not that that means it was the longest night too...
    I'm missing the company of my family, I'd like to have kids around to fill me up with smiles and noises...
    Enjoy them...
    Happy Holidays to you Sarah!

  4. A beautiful verse for the season:)
    Do you guys actually burn the yule log or just light the candle?I have wanted to do a yule log for a long time but we have never been in a place where we could have an open fire.

  5. We usually would burn the whole yule log after supper, we have a small metal fire pit (just a bowl really) in the garden. This year it was too wet in the end, so we just lit the candle and we'll burn the log in a couple of days if we get a dry spell. :)

    The wrap in that picture is actually the one I'm selling on Green Parent. ;)

  6. Lovely, those trees and suns look so yummy!
    Love the mittens for Rowan too, I've been knitting numerous pairs for friends teenies as they can't find nice ones that stay on.

    Indulge away with the gorgeous baby pics, she takes a lovely picture.
    I wouldn't worry too much about the house - just do the minimum, enjoy the time with your family rather than thinking what needs tidying, sure it will only get messier anyway and can be tidied after the festive weekend! (that's my philosophy on the mess in my house at the moment!)

    Much love to all at Christmas, enjoy xxx

  7. Gorgeous. Ohhh and I do love those dungarees that the baby is wearing.. utterly beautiful. :-)

  8. I love that picture of the girls in the street. Looks like lots of fun has been had. Wishing you all a wonderful festive season. xx


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