10 December 2010

Pre-Birthday To Do List

- Get off the computer and do *anything* else off the list. ;)

- Find the lead for the new camera so that there is SOME chance of ever uploading pictures from it.

- Sweep the gritty-but-clear floor.

- Find the birthday bunting from wherever I safely put it away so I wouldn't lose it.

- Finish embellishing the felt playscene that Jenna and I have made for Morgan's birthday.

- Finish embellishing the commision that I intended to have finished AND posted this week.

- Work out where the other box of matches for birthday candles went to.

- Decorate the cake.

- Panic some more about the prospect of Morgan really being actually four years old.

- Lay the breakfast table (after everyone is in bed lol) and hang all the birthday decorations.

- Write a poem or prayer for the birthday girl.

- Breathe!


  1. Please keep doing the last one!

    Hope you manage to get done enough for you to be happy, although I'm sure Morgan will have a wonderful birthday no matter how much is done towards it.

  2. Prayers that all goes well. looking forward to reading the poem and taking a peek at the birthday pictures!

    Blessings San x


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