19 December 2010


Advent is nearly completed, the waiting nearly over. Wintery activities still abound, and we are still busy preparing for Christmas Day. Gifting and making wrapping and so on. Sewing and knitting little last minute extras.

The stockings are done, and embellished, and initialled. I love them!
creative 031
creative 032
creative 034
Many dozens of mince pies made, and their wholegrain and sugar free status ruined utterly by the sprinkling of icing sugar I frankly couldn't resist. ;)
creative 042
Jesse Tree with boughs heavy with stories.
creative 040
And the Season Table, with the Fourth Sunday additions of several gnomes and little people and so on. All of creation is now waiting, waiting. :)


  1. Oooh love the stockings, they are great! And I love the idea of using buttons to write the initial - I may have to borrow this - I've been thinking of ways to embellish the stocking I hooked for Rye!

    Your season table looks so lovely

    Mmmm mince pies!

  2. Thankyou! :) I'm really pleased with them. :)

    (I think I must have pinched the idea from somewhere else anyway Joxy lol.)

    The Season Table feels wonderfully full this year, so nice to have played with the Waldorf advent theme along with all the other stuff this December. I think that's something we'll do again. :)

    Only two days til Yule! xxx

  3. Oh those stockings are so lovely :) And the mince pies, drool! We haven't made any yet and can't get out to the shop for ingredients as we are snowed in :( I am refusing to believe that we may still be snowed in on Thursday, (which is Ash's pay day) as that's got to be our big food shop day, eek!

    Beautiful season table as always...

    Love Gina xx

  4. The mince pies were delicious, the ones without icing sugar were pretty perfect as they were, too. The mincemeat was dried fruit and grated apply, sweetened with concentrated apple juice and one spoon of honey (but maple or date syrup would be just perfect too). Yum yum yum. :) I hope you get supplies soon, Gina!

  5. I like the sound of that mincemeat :)


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