6 December 2010

Small Chaos

This is Rowan's favorite thing about Christmas decorations - taking them off the tree. Actually, this is the first time we've had a toddler and a tree together and it not resulted in much worse chaos than this. Rowan may be a firey little soul who doesn't like to take direction, but she does generally leave things alone when she has been quietly asked to. If I totally forbid touching it, it would be a different story. ;)
roo tree 001
roo tree 002
We had professional pictures taken recently with my neice, Charlotte. It was hilarious watching the results of my daughters' very different characters. Jenna loves to be in the middle of the action, and cooperates when she sees reason to. She always has to add her own individual twist to the poses she is put it. Her pictures naturally sparkle.

Morgan looks so solemn in photographs. She takes direction seriously and is a stickler for getting it right - when she gives something her attention she does it entirely. She gets distressed quickly when she is asked to have her shoes on in a picture (lol) and she doesn't like the slight tackiness of the rubber floor. She most likes to be in a picture on her own. Her smile is with a closed mouth, but her eyes are so soulful whether happy or sad.

Rowan does NOT stay where she is put. If you are casual about it, or give her the impression that she is doing something funny, she might co-operate. Or she might not. But if you tell her where to sit, you can bet she will walk to a different spot and sit herself there with that special jut of her chin. She is all laughter, or she is 100% cross, but she is never still.

This is not to imply that one (or another) are more difficult - just that it takes different tacks entirely to get to see the best of them.

Anyhow, Morgan's sensory issues are one of many reasons I was more delighted than annoyed by an imprompteu snow-making session yesterday! The little culprit was so happy with her snowy living room. :) She isn't nearly so impulsive as her sisters, but that does mean her attention span for both the cutting up AND the tidying up afterwards are considerably greater!
roo tree 003
And, evidence of the incredible tidiness of my bedroom - though it will be my last photo for a few days. Our camera is broken. *weeps* Again! Another one!
really tidy 004
Ah well. Tis a good job the child benefit comes in tomorrow. Not so good that it goes out just as fast, as usual!


  1. Rowan looks adorable in her little red and green! And I just love the description of each of your girls. It is so amazing to me how we really are each individuals--you can be raised by the same mother and still turn out so differently!

    We had a photo this summer that your description of Rowan reminded me of. It was my grandma's 80th b'day and all the grandkids were supposed to line up with letters that spelled out happy birthday. In the picture, Ingrid is behind everyone else running away with her sign :) She does not take direction well...just like her old mom, lol!

  2. Aw thanks - those green trousers used to belong to Amber!! :)

    I've been reading a lot of personality theory recently - elemental and Myers-Briggs - and it's truly fascinating stuff! FWIW I am ENFP and fire/choleric. ;)

    Hope you are all doing well with your hospital stay and that little Mr is continuing to stay sensibly put for the time being. xxx

  3. Lovely account as usual of busy days!

    I think our stalker has finally given up, hurray! So in between all the usual mayhem I can continue to blog quietly in our little part of cyber space!

    Advent Blessings
    San x

    PS I've done the personality assessment I think I came out as an ENFJ. I used the book, "Your personality and the spiritual life" by Reginald Johnson.


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