13 August 2010


In the last couple of weeks, so many things have gone wrong. Broken glasses x7. Broken hoover x1 (what WOULD the Health Visitor say?). Injured back (mine). Lots of minor injured knees and scratches from the cat and so on (all three children in turn have been in tears at the sight of blood this week). Clothes outgrown when there is so little money to go to sorting out more (with the accompanying dilemma of whether to wait and get what we want or buy cheap things now and regret it).

Tempers have been frayed and things have been thrown (by Morgan mostly) and doors have been slammed (by Jenna mostly). A favorite book got torn. A favorite doll got tomato on her and won't come quite clean. A mobile phone got put down the toilet by a certain exploring toddler...

The things that cheer me up are usually relational ones. Happy moments with the children, or even stressful moments in which I know I did the right thing, or spotted an unexpected glimmer of maturity from an unhappy or angry child who would normally have gone on the attack. The exact thing I needed to hear from a friend (in words, or more often not). Then there are the "cosmic" relational moments, joy in where I am, in prayer, in scripture, in understanding something about myself or the people around me.

However there are weeks when I will settle for the joy of a good second hand sale and some parcels through the door. It has been many years since I understood the pull of retail therapy - but let's call this the alternative equivalent.

New fabrics to make clothes for Jenna (Whipstitch on etsy - very speedy delivery and gorgeous fabrics).
Second hand non-matching glasses to replace the broken ones (more than replace, let's face it, but hey - 10p each). A new glass jug as the big one has a chip out of the rim. Some little bowls and non-matching dinner plates and a pair of tap shoes in Jenna's size. :)A book I have wanted for a while - 10p again!
And some gorgeous dresses for Jenna, just her size and just her style.A very naughty friend (you know who you are) replaced the broken mobile phone, too.

Oh yes, some things have gone right. And if life can't totally settle back to normal, at least some of the things that I feel I can do right, are, right now, as right as they can be.


  1. Such wonderful finds, the fabric selection is beautiful.

    As far as hoovers go, mine broke quite recently and with no funds to repair or replace I bought a carpet sweeper in the interem. Obviously it's not as fast but for quick clean ups it's brilliant, I couple it with a handbrush once a week to do the edges. I love it and am in no rush to replace the hoover now.

  2. I have two vacs down in my basement, too bad they'd be too expensive to ship to you :) Oh, and not compatible with your outlets! But I can make kid's clothes!! Email me the sizes of the girls and I'll come up with some things. I have been motivated to sew again lately, take advantage of me!

  3. Fab finds - and very naughty of you showing us Whipstitch!!!!!

  4. Ohh beautiful finds and the fabric is gorgeous.

    Look forward to seeing what you make from it.

    And perhaps life isn't going to settle "back to normal," and instead a new normal will be found?

  5. Will definitely check out the fabrics. Can you PM me your new mobile number on the GP? Hope that life stuff settles from now on in, goodness knows you need a bit of peace.
    Love San and all xxx

  6. Shell, sorry! OK, not very sorry. She got stuff to me in four days flat, I was so shocked, fantastic from practically the other side of the world. And I had been waiting for ages to get nice jersey for tshirts.

    Amber, I have a few tshirts in the works, a pair of trousers, a dress and a skirt... I will email you if I can think of anything Jenna will be really short of though, I set myself a challenge a couple of years ago to only buy clothes from ethical sources or make my own and this time around Jenna fits nothing from charity shops so I have rather a long and ambition list of makes! If I have taken on a bit much I will keep you in mind, thankyou so much for the offer. :)

    Thank goodness the tax credit money finally came, we went and got a hoover today! From tesco though sadly, not entirely comfortable with either replacing it or going to tesco, but these are the compromises we live with sometimes I guess. My energy levels are at such a low I couldn't even pluck up the enthusiasm to deal with freecycle lists. *blushes*

  7. I'm experimenting on commenting. We'll see if it works. It's Paul's google account not mine so not sure how it'll show up!!


  8. Right, so it calls me Paul, that'll do, it's easier than creating a new account. What I actually wanted to say was you've inspired me to shop at charity shops more, well you and the Fair trade fashion show at church. I figured buying clothes in charity shops isn't Fair trade, but it's recycling and that's better than shopping at Primark / Asda / Tesco for clothes. :)


  9. Oh I totally agree, and thankyou so much for the encouragement. It is important to suport ethical businesses if and when I can, but it is more ecofriedly to buy nothing new at all when there is so much being wasted in our society! xxx


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