19 August 2010

Baking Day

Thursday is our foodie day, meal planning, baking, that sort of thing. Our veg box comes first thing, and usually puts us in the right frame of mind for cooking something up. This week, well, we got a bit carried away. I decided I may as well try to get done in advance as much of the baking and making as possible for Jenna's party on Saturday. And, well, I did.

Brownies, cornflake cakes, flapjack...Yum!

Another yum, my happiest morning this week was discovering that the bag of lovely locally grown organic rocket leaves were starting to get a bit limp... Happy, because I just had to use them right away.Yum!

I'm going out with my mum later, taking the girls for a swim and then having Martin pick them up so I can stay on at the gym and do a couple of classes (dance and yoga). So I made tea for them in advance - mostly, to be honest, to use up fridge ingredients and make space! The lovely thing about this recipe is that you can throw almost ANYTHING in.

Simple Oven Roast Veggies (for pasta sauce or soup):

Slice tomatoes in half and lay face down on baking tray.
Add on chunks of ANY veg you like, including onion and garlic.
Drizzle with oil.
Roast in medium oven until tomato skins discolour and start to singe.
Leave to cool for a little while until you can handle the veg, then lift the tomato skins off (the fresher the tomatoes the more easily the skins come away, in my experience).
Blend down semi-smooth to use in recipes, or leave whole if you prefer to eat it as it is. :) If making soup, add stock and/or lots of tomato passatta. If using for pasta, add canned chopped tomatoes or a little bit of tomato passatta.And that leaves me with the task of ensuring the birthday cake is ready on time, and all will be well...


  1. LMAO, we are having some weird synchroncity going on at the moment. I blended roasted veggies with passata into soup this lunchtime for the kids! Fantastic colour too because there was roasted beetroot in it.

    Happily there's loads left, so I'll have some later for supper :-)

  2. wow Mama, you have been busy .. all looks so good.
    Know you are in my thoughts, in my heart.

  3. Busy, busy baking there. Hope Jenna has a great party!



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