22 August 2010

Party bits and pieces

No balloons (we have some compostable ones that we will use for her birthday morning, but I don't even actually miss things like that any more). Lots of bunting, a pleasure to behold, reuseable and zero ethical guilt. Thankyou so much to everyone who helped me get everything done on time, and with special mentions for Shell, Angie and Talie for their gorgeous crafting. :)

Food, and more food, with extra love stirred in. More sugar than last year I reckon, but the children mostly wanted the barely-sweet cornflake cakes above and beyond any sticky cakeyness. Anyhow, I'm rather proud that everything was home made and organic. The bread rolls were especially yummy (Jenna is one small Superstar Baker, I tell you) and the birthday cake got actual gasps of delight when she saw it (wonky bits and uneven icing matter not when there are actual SPARKLES)!
And all in all, it was a joy and a pleasure to share a day of celebration with so many lovely friends. Highlights include watercolour painting, board games, teaching a small boy to crochet, and lots of smiley babies underfoot.

What else? Well, a couple of the presents I managed to prise away from her long enough to take pictures of them...I had a very unstressful and lovely day, and can't wait for the rest of the birthday fun over the rest of the weekend and into next week. Her last day of being five, how quickly it has come around...


  1. Lovely, and sparkly cake too! Love bunting, I could have it up all year round. Looking forward to putting ours up again next month for a 5th birthday girl.

    Hope you all have more great days over the week, happy birthday Jenna xxx

  2. Happy birthday to Jenna - you sound like you had so much fun.


  3. Happy birthday Jenna.
    Such a lot of birthday love going around just now, a special time for all our little greenies.
    And extra special hugs to you and Martin, spare a little time to celebrate the parents you became when you first met your little girl.

  4. I love the bunting everywhere!! So much better than balloons anyway :) Looks like so much fun, and that cake is amazing!

  5. Lurve the bunting! I must get some for Rye's b'day :-)

    And awwwww love the cake, it's fabulous. Glad Jenna had a marvelous day.

    Happy Birthday Jenna!

    Jacq & Rye :-)

  6. Happy Birthday Jenna!

    It looks like you had a really great party and your mama is very clever making such a beautiful cake!
    With love and cyber hugs
    San, Dave, Benedict and Pip xxxx

  7. Hope Jenna had a wonderful birthday :)

  8. Love the cake! Happy Birthday Jenna! Lots of lovely birthday vibes around this month :) xx


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