30 August 2010


Martin worked very hard today doing more cleaning. I popped in and out helping with washing, and doing jobs in the kitchen, interspersed with fishing children out of the "pond" created by the lid of the sand pit, dealing with squabbles, spacing out the baby corn in the veg patch, and knitting the shawl. Basically, apart from only very slowly coming to terms with my house and the inner rebellion against any feeling of responsibility, it has been a glorious day. :)

Baby bean mine. Gorgeousness itself.

She has lots of new words for today. "Lullo" has been added to her repertoire of "hiya" and "hulllo". "Lilk" and "mamamamama leeeelk" have replaced "meep" for milk. "Joosh" is juice. And we've had lots of those little "got it" and "have dat" and "come 'ere" chatterings. Not to mention that she keeps on sitting down with a book, and babbling in a concentrated fashion, reading to herself! Delicious.

Art with collected grasses, on the patio. Another random Jenna idea.Conversations over the fence.
Jenna: Let's play I have this cat...
T: No, let's play I come and buy the cat from you.
Jenna: No, I don't want to sell the cat. This cat is mine, it's not for sale.
T: Well, it's my cat, and I think you can sell it to me.
Jenna: *sigh* OK, fine, it's a hundered million dollars. Do you have that? [sarcasm creeping in here!]
T: Yes, I've got that much! [in a tone of, well it's imaginary money, I've got as much as I want!]
Jenna: Seriously? You would buy a cat for a hundered million dollars? That's enough to buy a HOUSE!
T: Of course, I don't care, I want the cat!
Jenna: Oh fine, there's no point arguing about it.

Jenna swinging around the washing line pole!

Knitty progress.Replanted veggies.Daddy-made tent.Lovely lovely family. :)
Yes, I'm glad we took today outside. We all needed it a great deal more than I knew before I kicked off my shoes and grabbed my projects and took us out into the sunshine.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful day! I especially love the little girl's conversation about the cat. I love that Jenna's conservative even with pretend money :)

  2. i love the little flower scene on your shed xxxx

  3. A beautiful outdoor day. I love the pictures of Rowan reading.

  4. oh darling, lovely reading your words, always thinking of you all and sending love & care

  5. :) Thanks all!

    Arlenkern, in the first picture of Rowan that's our side fence - we have two big flowery murals in our garden. :) The girls did them in early summer and I LOVE them so much! We plan to oil all the furniture this Autumn before the really heavy weather sets in, and I'm hoping this will protect the flowers as we only painted them with regular housepaint.

  6. (((hugs))) Beautiful photos, hehehehe I did have to giggle at the conversation over the fence, fabulous.

    If you used emulsion to pain the murals, then you'll need to be very careful and dab on the oil, otherwise it could cause the paint to smear. If it's acrylic paint though, then it should be fine, as once it's dry its waterproof.


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