23 August 2010

For Jenna

Sweet bright blossoming daughter, balancing twirling and dancing through the fine thin middle years of childhood with the stars in your hair... Taking in everything, love and conflict and busy mind-food, and giving back the pure song of your gorgeous spirit. Truly yourself in everything, unique and precious. I admire you, with uncritical eyes.

My precious child, though you feel childhood to be something shameful to flee as quickly as possible, please stay here a while with me. The world can wait for you, cocooned gently in hands that long to see you fly but know something bright and golden like honey - you and I need time yet to travel our paths together a little further, because there are so many lovely things still waiting for you in childhood.

I promise to fill these next six years with just as much affection and laughter, and probably some tears too, but they will be tears that shine as hard-won jewels. I promise to give you more space to grow up in your own way, and to keep my mind from wading in with all the reasons why not. I promise to make more messes and forget my dignity more often, and to remember that we need not stand on ceremony if we only treat each other with love and respect.

I promise to always see you like this, as this full glorious person scintillating through time and space with an earth-song on your lips and the stars tangled in your hair.


  1. You have brought tears to my eyes :) Jenna is truly fortunate to have the opportunities, given by you, to grow fully. Wishing her a wonderful birthday, and best wishes for her adventures into her 7th year.

  2. Birthday wishes to Jenna.
    And mama and papa day celebrations to her lovely parents. xx

  3. Just beautiful, I had a lump in my throat reading this, Jenna, Morgan and Roo are very blessed to have you as their mum.
    Hugs San xx

  4. Gosh, beautiful. Eyes shining with tears here.

  5. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful xxx


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