17 August 2010

Resources Sharing

So, I have finished one of my recent new-to-me wonderful books. This one, Unschooling: a Lifestyle of Learning. And wow, I have found a lot of food for thought again.

(E-Prime kind of sticks itself in my head, though, so I'm afraid I may struggle to start talking and typing normally again - yeah, sorry to those who do, but I just see yet another "gentle" communication style that just allows lots of people to get needlessly stressed out about an outside-in perfectionism rather than genuinely considering motivation before the visible. For those of you who haven't met it, E Prime omits the verb "to be" and all its permutations. In the case of this book, it sounds sweetly lyrically simple, and I don't find it terribly annoying. Extending it to real life? No thanks.)

Anyway, um, the actual contents of the book. I have really found this non-preachy and positive, and dwelling lots on real life examples of her own family, and I "got" it. Including lots of stuff that felt like little jabby sticks about what I've been neglecting to do and habits I slip back into too easily etc. I thank the author muchly for this. I picked up just the book I needed to read - don't you love when that happens? :)

Today, Jenna wanted to use the computer. So I looked through some of the suggested online resources, and (understanding that many of you conciously avoid technology for various reasons) I found some real gems to share with those whose children do use technology!
Linky Love:
Starfall (learn to read resources)
Poisson Rouge (lots of amazing games of all kinds) Today on this site we did lots of pattern making and matching, some spatial skill games, letter and number recognition, and some French and Chinese!
Totlol (child-safe Youtube interface for a small fee)

So, although I felt very unproductive today (especially given the birthday party we are planning to host on Saturday!) Jenna has been up to a lot of new things. And she read to me all afternoon, since the Starfall stuff so boosted her confidence. *glowy feeling* I know, intellectually, that she may never really feel the need to read to an adult, but right now I am happy to bask in the feeling that she let me in somehow by choosing to do so today.

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  1. My smalls adore Poisson Rouge :o) Its a great site!I have mixed feelings about computers & adults let alone smalls sigh. I want mine to learn how to use one, to feel confident one,they are part of the world now whether we like it or not & where we live in the sticks its a reliable way of getting something delivered to us!Yet I try now to not be on it so much myself,I dont want to set the example to them that this is the only place one can find amusement or friendship or learning.
    The laptop sits on the kitchen table as well so when they are using it I am right here with them. One thing mine adore is doing the pelmanisms on Jaquie Lawson ecards, you dont have to pay to preview & *play* the cards as such. They love them! & then they want to watch the Xmas & Halloween ones & then they want Xmas & Halloween stories so off goes the computer, & we read which is a nice flow I think, it shows them its *another* thing to use,not the *only* thing to use ;O)
    GTM x


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