24 August 2010


Here is a little five year old, waiting for the morning to come around and bring with it a birthday.Here is the breakfast table, laid with bright blessings, candles, gifts, flowers and silks.The birthday crown and mandala silk cloak hang on her bedroom door ready to be worn for the day's celebrations.

And here is a big six year old having chocolate pastries and green juice in the family bed, as happy as can be.Presents! Rjabinnik on etsy made these lovely pixies and woodland creatures for us, and we are so happy with them. :) Jenna wanted some people and fairies and things, and we were happy to oblige! I made her the little toadstools (on the birthday table) and hand dyed two playsilks.

She also opened her Osthiemer ponies from Ashleigh, and had me take the bridle off the mummy horse. "She doesn't need this, nobody owns her, she lives wild and she wants the same for her daughters."And she reverently lit her special candle herself, and had us draw all the curtains so that she could see it better. :)Then out for a day of walking, birdwatching, and foraging. "It's OK little snail, I'm not going to hurt you, I'll put you right back where you want to be, I just want to show everyone how BEAUTIFUL you are!"

Oh, and lunch in the cafe again, the regular birthday celebration treat! My mum met us there, and surprised us by bringing Paul and Maarja (just visiting for this week). We had such a gorgeous day, and it started to rain just as we got back to the car to go home.

The birthday child chose lemon chicken for our tea, and we watched Ponyo (which is like an arty anime version of the original Little Mermaid, if you can imagine such a thing). Japanese art, yay. Crochet version, EXTRA yay. I will be making this soon... :)


  1. What a wonderful birthday you have had Jenna, with lovely treasures, and bright silks. I do love the pixies from etsy and your handpainted mushrooms look great too Sarah!

    Happy days! And ripe elderberries too - have been foraging here too, and making delicious goodies.

  2. :)

    I'm going to go forage some of those from the local park, around Attenborough there is a real mix of shade and light so only the highest berries were really ripe! I did get a lot of sloes though. :)

  3. Yeah, I can't believe the sloes are ripe already - we picked some at the weekend. Where we pick them from there are different areas of how ripe they are so the (plentiful) supply will keep on going for a while, which is great.

    We took some extendable loppers to pick our elderberries as a lot were high up, many too high to reach even then, left for the wildlife :)

  4. i applaud your ethos on life and bringing your children up. it's such fresh air compared to so many people dragging their children up.

    you should be admired Sarah!

  5. Was it Jenna's Birthday today (Tuesday)? If so, same day as my not so little 6 year old!
    Happy Birthday Jenna!

  6. Monday (23rd). :) I didn't realise they were so close!

  7. Hehe! Glad my little horses are running free and wild, and are loved. What a lovely day you had, I'm so glad that the weather held out for you and you could have such an enjoyable day outside for such a special day. Loves to you all.xxx

  8. Oh Sarah, beautiful photo's, we have also just recieved our etsy order from the same seller, our faries are gorgeous too :)
    Love and Blessings
    sue xx

  9. Happy Birthday Jenna!! Such a wise and beautiful soul!

  10. Happy (belated) birthday to a beautiful, wild girl, who is lucky to have such a wonderful mamma with her every step of the way =]


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