12 August 2010

People and Places

Claire and family came over and we walked to the big park together. We had a lovely day! :)

Bowling, last week, a first for all of them (and free too, because a nice lady at Martin's work has been clipping coupons for us). :)

And our corner park, perfect for meeting friends on the way back from stories, and with nicely ripe blackberries just ready for making jam. Elderberries nearly ripe too...

Rowan asking for help to get to that nice big RIPE berry just out of reach!
It has been a busy week, and generally happy, but the depression is definitely making things tricky and turning every-day ordinary basic mishaps into total disasters. Not to mention putting my back out WEEKS ago holding the tiny hand of a certain little person who wants to walk everywhere... There have been days when I just feel so lost and helpless, yet still there are days when it all seems so simple...


  1. Ohhhh looks like great fun has been had :-)

    How about burning an essential oil when you feel icky? Chammomile is nice and calming for those moments when you want to scream blue murder and throw the toys out of the pram.. (been having the odd day like that myself recently..lots of deep breathing going on).. and something like basil is refreshing and stimulating - good for when you need your mind to be sharp. :-)

  2. Been wondering how you've been doing and praying for you. Well done for trying to keep things going and giving the girls such a wealth of wonderful experiences and memories.
    Big hugs
    San and all xxxx

  3. We had a wonderful time too with you guys!

    I hope the depression lifts for you soon. You are doing a fantastic job, even though it doesn't feel like it at times. I know I would not be able to cope as well as you are given the same circumstances. You are awesome!


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