31 August 2010

Ordinary Magic

Yep, just an ordinary homely tuesday. :) Here, for starters, is the Season Table, updated by the addition late last night of some amazingly coloured and textured squash that my mum brought over for that very purpose. :)Breakfast in the garden (and no, it isn't really warm enough any more!) and some crafting.
Some indoor crafting too, Rowan proudly showing off her own little contribution. Pictures of our actual makes in the morning when they will be put to purpose...Eating jammy goodness, the blackberry and apple jam Jenna was making last week. Wow, this is GOOD jam.
And some little lovelies putting on a puppet show while I crochet away.

Yep, ordinary magic. I am loving being at home now the monstrous cleaning tasks have been tackled. I am feeling so good about where life is going at the moment, how simple and connected everything is when it just... works!


  1. Glad you've had a good day. I can vent on here, lol. It won't be read by my family. I'm being lied to by my father and step mother in law and being hassled by my parents. That's the short version of recent events.


  2. Aw damn it. (hug) If you want to chat, we could meet up somewhere for a bit (maybe tomorrow?) and grab a coffee (well, hot chocolate, I've never liked coffee). xxx

  3. Wonderful that things are looking up. Getting rid of tasks that are haunting you can make such a difference:)

  4. Hi. Would love to meet up when things are a bit more normal!! Paul's off all this week, his half sister is staying with us for 3 days, then we're going to Paul's uncle's wedding in Bournemouth on Saturday! Home sometime on Monday then summer is over, normality should set in and we hope we can avoid all parents til Christmas!!

    We also have to work out how we teach Paul's half sister who is nearly 15, that she is not fat and lazy when she is told she is every day by her parents! Oh well, I'll be in touch. H x x


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