4 August 2010

More Ugh

So, we saw the health visitor today. Want to guess her verdict(s)?

Morgan has dependancy issues (she asked for mummy milk and howled when I said no).

My house is dirty. "Doesn't your husband help out around the house?" Seriously.

My children are dirty. No, in fact, not her comment. That would be the Very Nice Doctor at Bristol A&E. OF COURSE they were dirty. We had rushed straight from a park where we'd spent most of the day. Seriously!!

And if we don't take Rowan for those blood tests (following the infection saga) then that will be another Red Flag and we will get a social worker.

Yup, that's about it for my day.


  1. Why do people think kids depending on their parents is a bad thing??

    And kids dirty? The horror!! This would send me over the edge...

  2. Way to boost your self esteem and confidence - not! I could rant on for ages - but that would be of no use - so instead I'll send big hugs and tell you that you are a wonderful mama and that silly moo (is the politest descriptive I can think off!) doesn't know what she is saying, hugs Clair xxx

  3. Goodness me. Dirty children? Ha! They should see my boys!!! And the two eldest's rooms {g}
    Sarah, I've just read your 'Broken' post. I've been away alot recently camping and not read your blog for over a month.
    I have something I'd like to share with you but not here! It may help. It may not. But sometimes someone going through the same thing can be a better shoulder to lean on? Your words in that post brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat as it echoed my own thoughts and feelings not so very long ago.
    Offer is there xx Genuinely xx

  4. This is via Facebook:

    Yes - I have children. If you come over unannounced there WILL be toys from one end of the house to the other, dishes in the sink, and hell, there might even be food crumbs on the floor! But we WILL be happy, and that's all that matters to us!

    Sums it up. Seriously, my house is messy - it's small and we don't have storage space. Children GET dirty - that's why they have baths. 3/4 year olds DO get insecure - so do adults. How many adults would rather eat chocolate than talk to the bank?

    Heather xx

  5. To think they get paid for talking clap trap!
    Big hugs
    San xx

  6. Good grief.Dirt is good for kids.Last time I saw TV -even Persil had taken to running adverts encouraging parents to let their kids get dirty.
    Its self reliant ,confident adults we are aiming for not self reliant 3 year olds.
    Sadly the advice of HV-is often aimed at the lowest common denominator.If it helps I will share my own HV 'S nuggets of wisdom.
    I have a now diagnosed 7 year old who has an autistic spectrum disorder.At 2,I was at my witts end with a child who had frequently escaped from our house.The first time he was 14 months old.HV's advice.Cut out tomato ketchup.I kid you not.
    Baby cranky -crying alot-gaining 1-2 lbs a wk.HV's"-was I making enough milk?".[Baby had silent[HA]reflux.

  7. ((hugs)) your kids are lovely happy confident children so ignore the silly HV! As for them being dirty - omg I always say the best days are the ones where charlie ends them a very different colour to how she started. Stooopid drs!
    Ignore them all, have confidence that you are a really great mama!

  8. Can't remember Quite how i fell across your blog, but i so do wish that you were blogging when I was younger! :)

    i very clearly recall the day when our health visitor pursed her lips and announced ( In My Own Home...for goodness sakes.. how Rude!) that by allowing my fourth child to continue breatfeeding beyond two years old, that I was "setting a bad example to the estate"

    There is hazy recall of my answer but I think i went for bust and explained that all my children are b/f until they want to stop, so we could well be having this conversation for another year to come...just to warn her!

    matters were never quite the same between us after that.............

  9. Wish I could share my HV with you with her laid back attitude and acceptance that we're all different and that kids should get dirty


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