30 July 2010

Views through a lens

Sometimes I reach for the camera all day long, and wonder whether perhaps I spend too much time looking at life through a lens. Other times I know that the camera helps me to see the beauty in the ordinary, to be present in a different way, and it is good for us. Sometimes I'm just too busy to pick up the camera at all. And sometimes, still other times, I feel so empty I don't see anything in my life worth memorialising.

Recently has been a bit of an empty time. And following such a positive time filled with everyday blessings and contentedness, it has seemed very very barren. Since we came back from our holiday I have been trying to get back into the habit of journalling, blogging, photographing, creating art (with and without my children) but it is taking EFFORT. And I don't like that - these dry times when I can't find that artistic spark make me feel more restless than ever.

Still, these megre offerings, through my lens, a few bits of this past week.

And a flicker of real inspiration found in my new book (and an old craft remembered). Oh, and slow SLOW knitty progress.
Lastly, I leave you with more happy things. Tonight's dinner, made entirely by Morgan. Red pepper soup, and garlic dough balls. :)

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  1. Looking forward to seeing those trousers ;-)

    First sewing, felting, crochet, then spinning, and now some knitting ... there's no stopping your creativity! Hope you're having fun with everything. Crafting can be great therapy sometimes, and gives us time to think and reflect, and relax.

    Love the pictures of Morgan and Rowan above, happy pictures. Love the hedgehogs too!

    Take care of yourselves xxx


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