3 July 2010

A little something from my day: Crafty Love

Something good to dwell on: creating with (and for) friends. :) A little time with Ashleigh, spent immersed in crocheting and chatting, while the children played and my lovely husband made the journey to support and comfort his Dad.

A wet felting session with the fibres we dyed ourselves, we have put this off for so long but finally!
Little feet thought THEY had an idea what to do with a bowl of soapy water...Crafting for one of Jenna's friends who is having a birthday party tomorrow. She sat down with me this evening and started crocheting chains, and the first thing she wanted to make was this necklace for Livvy.Then the card, sweet original Jenna-ness. :)Some days I wonder at the slow pace of our lives and the simple tasks and pleasures it revolves around - mostly I ask myself, especially in those moments of emotional trials, whether this is enough. Whether what I am, what I do, is meeting their needs.

Today I didn't question it. We are who we are. It will all be OK.


  1. Aw! That's a fab necklace! And for what it's worth, I certainly don't think you have a quiet life! I think you have a beautifully busy crazy loving life, which I'm so blessed to occasionally get to part take of. You've enriched my life so much this past year and helped me so much. You meet my needs, never mind the girls! Your kids are all so great, I seriously can't think of anything that they lack! :)

  2. Lovin your busy happy life, mama. Oh n just wondered if you had recieved your etsy order from America (the handmade fairys, etc) as I havent had mine yet and ordered around same time, I think.

  3. Not so happy today *sigh* but ah well. :S No, I haven't had mine yet - but we pre-agreed a later delivery date as we had been chatting for a while about Jenna's birthday, and how busy we both are lol. I would suggest emailing her, I'm sure she won't take it the wrong way. :)

  4. Oh, mine are from eastern europe, also, if it's the same seller. :) And I've heard that her postage is usually comparatively fast. xxx


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