2 July 2010

Disproportionate Excitement

Today, I popped into Croots on the way back from filling up the wash liquid bottles in Wirksworth. I was VERY EXCITED to do some food shopping. No, not just for the local fresh peas for podding (ah, summer pleasures)... Not even for local pressed single-variety apple juices in glass bottles (though those are good too!)... Because...... I got to use my new shopping/picnic basket!

I have ALWAYS wanted one of these, I mean, since I was about three years old and being told off for running off with mum's. I finally found one, really cheaply in the wooden toy shop opposite Traidlinks where we get our laundry stuff refilled, locally made (in Cromford) and so lovely! I am a little bit *too* excited, I'll admit it.

The little basket was basically me getting carried away - but it will be so useful for harvesting berries and stuff, right? If I ever get it back from the children... Perhaps that's why my mum never liked me playing with hers...

I tell myself I need all the smiles I can get this week.


  1. Its a beautiful basket, I would be equally as excited!

  2. I was given a lovely wicker shopping basket by some wonderful friends for Christmas! I *love* taking it to the market, and I'm really looking forward to collecting berries in it in the autumn too! :) so glad you have sometinhg to smile about - we are thinking of you.

    sinful's wife

  3. You can never have too many baskets ;0)

  4. Hehe! That's so cute. We used to have loads of things like that when I was a kid. It was a great little way of people keeping themselves going, and they would weave and whittle baskets, mats, spoons etc and set up roadside "shops". Those little handmade baskets have so much character!

  5. Haha - baskets are fab!
    I have a similar one - it was my home ec basket form school days. Now I use it for my knitting - it's perfect!

  6. Such lovely baskets.

    I also had a basket for Home Ec. My sister used it after me and now it houses my to-do pile.

  7. I am keeping my eye out for a similar basket too :-) I lurve! baskets.


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