12 July 2010

More Morgan-isms

Row-row is awake now! She can see squirrels!

Ooh, there is lots of ants-es here...

(On seeing my face after she opened a box and spread its contents everywhere...) Is OK mummy, me can do it, me got de INSTRUCTIONS. :)

I AM bigger! I bigger ALREADY! (When she wants me to lift her up to hang off the monkey bars which I then thirty seconds later have to rescue her from.)

Nooo, me SMALL! See! Me still so small! (When told that she is big enough to wait until we get home for mummy milk!)

Oh I do LIKE chamymile. Oh. Now it made mine tummy berry hot. Dat hurts me.

Why you stabbin' dat? (Needle felting, of course!) Me can helps stabbin'? (Um, er, no thanks Morgs!)

I am berry berry LOVE windey winding wools. :)

(Oh the world is such a funny place when viewed from her vantage point!)


Penny for your thoughts? :)