14 July 2010

To Do

Sunday: Make maps of fairyland. Go to Church with my mum. Spend an afternoon with Daddy (and get some talking done while the children play outside, too). Needle felt some more. Fall asleep on the sofa.

Monday: Walk to story time in the rain. Do some still life drawing in the museum. Eat lunch with a friend. Carry children upstairs one at a time when they fall asleep on the sofa again (the timing of this autonomy shift - thank GOODNESS I'm not trying to get them all to go to bed to a timetable!).
Tuesday: Walk to soft play. Lose a tiny white shoe on the way and have it returned by a friend walking the same route. Whine all day about wanting food/drinks/carrying/putting down etc. *sigh* Make bread. Fall asleep on the sofa at 4pm (lol). Work on some crafting commissions.Wednesday: Cry some more. Get put in separate rooms when the fighting gets too much. Finish reading a new book. Learn to use the new drop spindle. Eat olives and watch Narnia. Make more bread after devouring the entire loaf with chocolate spread. Yes, I know I know. ;)Thursday: Survive. Get proper Daddy time while Mummy escapes upstairs (to read, crochet, bathe, hide).


  1. Love the photo of the girls' drawing.

    BE gentle to yourself and with time, life will get a bit easier.

    Jacq & Rye.

  2. He he, I wondered how long it would be before you got a spindle ;-) Have fun.
    Hope you get some well earnt rest, good that you're talking too.

    take care xx

  3. Beautiful photos, the map is priceless.

    Hugs for all of you.

  4. The spindle is loovely and it was so cheap! Forest Fibres on ebay. *grins* I've kind of got the hang of it, a bit, but I'm not very reliable (much easier with the basically standardised chunky pre-drafted fingerwolle the girls have been using this afternoon).

  5. Haven't been around, just saw that you have a hole in yourself and your heart is suffering... don't know what to say...
    Tons of hughs and love (((((()))))

  6. Oh Shanti, thankyou, I will never understand the generosity of spirit and the love and friendship we have been so freely given by many wonderful people online!


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